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Spotify Audiobooks


  • Commuters listen to music and podcasts on their way to work.

  • Crazy things happen in the subway all the time.

  • People love the stories they read so much that they could experience them in real life.

  • Engaging in fantastical stories while in the city creates a joyful dissonance that captures people's imagination.


  • Catching peoples attention with just a poster is difficult. Having a fully costumed character could catch the eyes and attention of more people.

  • Having fully interactive sets on a street corner that people can engage with will garner more engagement and shares than any billboard on that same street corner.

  • Peak hours on the CTA are 7am-9am on weekdays and peak foot traffic throughout the city is on Saturday


  • Literary characters from popular fiction will ride the subway, sitting in front of Spotify advertising.

  • Those characters will later be stationed at sets of scenes from their book, ready to take pictures and interact with people.

  • The thought provoking OOH ads will posted around before, after, and during the happening.

CW & AD: Liam Kipp, Karin Linne

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